My love of upgrading wellness performance has evolved into a dynamic private practice I’m grateful for, working with people of all ages from infancy into their golden years.

In dedication to your healing and to fulfill my goal of being a lifelong learner, I regularly travel the world attending seminars educating others while spending time learning from the most talented people in medicine.

Creating peak performance

Helping professional organizations reach peak performance is a passion of mine. I work with organizations across the globe to create bespoke cultures of wellness in the corporate finance and boutique business space.

Today I see patients and work with organizations throughout the world in Arizona, Rhode Island, Canada and The Bahamas. I am the proud founder and medical director of the American Center For Biological Medicine in Arizona, affectionately known by our patients as The BioMed Center. We are the largest, most comprehensive Biological Medicine Center in North America. The BioLounge, housed within The BioMed Center was recently created to upgrade human performance and wellbeing utilizing the very best biohacking technology has to offer. 

Our second clinic, The BioMed Center of New England operates in beautiful Providence, Rhode Island. If you’re in Canada, you may catch me from time to time at my clinic in Calgary, Alberta where I practiced for 16 wonderful years. I also enjoy a partnership with the exclusive resort community, Nexus Wellness Collective in Albany, in the Bahamas.

Dr. Drobot is a leading authority in the fields of European Biological Medicine, chronic and autoimmune disease treatments, detoxification, hormonal imbalance correction and customized sports medicine and nutrition programs. His practice is focused on working with professional organizations and companies interested in peak performance and longevity as well as with amateur and professional athletes spanning crossfit, the NFL, NHL and Olympic games. 

Dr. Drobot graduated from the University of Calgary with a degree in Exercise Physiology in 1997. From here he pursed the doctorate degree from National College of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland, Oregon, graduating in 2001. Dr. Drobot has spent the last twenty years learning from the best, harnessing cutting edge science and technology to assess and amplify human biology and physiology. 


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