Featured at The Fullest Magazine: Will Electroceuticals Save Us?

If you thought your superfood, organic latte was the cure-all, just wait… Dr. Jeoff Drobot, bioregulatory medical expert and founder of the American Center for Biological Wellness wants to let you in on a secret that won’t hit the mainstream for years: it’s all about electroceuticals.

Dr. Drobot is a bit of a futurist. For over 15 years he’s been forecasting that we’d end up needing tech to get ourselves out of the devolved health mess our modern ways have led to.

After decades of being categorized as overpriced and unnecessary, the organic food industry is finally being seen as vital. While the majority was busy downplaying the very basic need for organics since the early 2000’s, environmental fuckery was taking place to the tune of polluting the water, food, and air with glyphosate, fluoride, herbicides, lead, and microplastics to name a few of the biggies — all of which have now been directly implicated as causative factors in many of today’s most common diseases.

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