A Message From Dr. Drobot to You

Too tired to get through your day or to spend the kind of time you want to with your family upon arriving home? 

Is this any way to live? 

Please ask yourself: 

Am I too tired or uninterested in exercise and fitness?

Do I suffer from lack of sex drive, fatigue and headaches? 

Is my focus off or is it inconsistent throughout the day? 

Has my past lifestyle caught up with me causing me to suffer from digestive concerns, heart disease or diabetes? 

And, have any of these concerns gotten in the way of career or personal activities? 

Even if you answered no to these questions and you’re driven to prevent these issues from ever being a part of your daily life, Bioregulatory Medicine can offer upgraded everyday performance in our professional and personal lives and a jumpstart on biohacking longevity. 

So let’s talk about your opportunity to heal, to rejuvenate and optimize performance by revitalizing the energy you once knew from the past, combined with the wisdom you’ve accumulated since those 3-martini lunch days. 

I created personalized bioregulatory protocols with the intent for top performers to undo the strain put on ourselves in the past while adding years to our lives. Our best years yet perhaps. 

Essentially I see the disease management model as mediocre—especially when I know you have a shot at potentially becoming diagnosis free or to fully heal from lifestyle patterns that no longer serve. Some skeptics will think bioregulatory medicine is the future of medicine, but, you and I know a secret—it is the NOW medicine, the secret sauce for performance .

As someone who has lived through the “work hard, play hard” era, I’m a realist, I understand those days and sometimes weeks where the long hours and the endless meetings are simply unavoidable. The BioLounge is here for those days too. Not only can you come here to relax, you’ll leave with a sense of peace and mental focus. 

In closing I ask, how do you wish to feel? How do you envision your health and have you thought about how you can add years to your life to secure longevity now? 

In health and upgraded healing;

Dr. Jeoff Drobot

Ready to optimize your organization’s performance? Please visit Dr. Drobot here.

Our BioLounge is conveniently located within the American Center For Biological Medicine in the heart of Scottsdale, Arizona. We also welcome you to visit us in our beautiful Providence, Rhode Island location, The BioMed Center of New England. 

What’s ahead? We’re getting personal… 

Join us in our next discussion to pinpoint exactly how the environment influences each of our daily and longevity performance. From an epigenetic perspective our environment influences the state of our health, from the quality of our food to our relationships. The linchpin? We possess the dynamic power to direct our healing. Together we’ll discern the finer nuances of Bioregulatory Medicine to personalize your experience with us in the Biolounge or one of our Bio Medical centers. 

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